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liltmedia is your number one resource for the best online movies, games, books and music.
Every genre imaginable under one site.
To reach our customer service center by phone or by email, please call 44-808-189-3382, 24h, 7 days a week, or contact us at

To subscribe to the Site, you must give to Sun Sound Corporation your name, email address and some sort of payment information. There are two sorts of packages that are available on the Site, the general package, which is the default, and a premium package. In the event that you decide to keep a general package you won't be charged, but your Payment Method will be kept on your account, in case you decide to make changes or upgrade your account later on. If, however, you decide to move up to our premium package, at only that point will there be a charge on your Payment Method. By asking for a premium package in the Site and by making use of everything offered by the Site, you concur that, as a state of your purchase of the premium package for the Site, you approve Sun Sound Corporation or its specialists to charge your Payment Method the Sun Sound Corporation Online premium package expense (in addition to taxes that may apply) relevant to your premium package arrangement (e.g., 1 month, 3 months, 5 months), on every intermittent renewal date of that premium arrangement, until your Sun Sound Corporation Online premium package is no longer in use, as indicated via these Terms and Conditions. Case in point, in the event that you have a monthly premium arrangement, and your paid premium package started on July 4th, your intermittent renewal date is the 4th of every month, and your Payment Method will be charged for the intermittent premium package charge on that date every month. If, however, that date falls on a day that doesn’t exist in some months (for instance, if your paid premium package began on the 31st), your Payment Method will be charged on the first day of the month after. You won't be furnished with duplicates of charge slips proving the repeating charges of the premium package expenses. You consent to pay the premium package charges (in addition to any taxes) as per your Payment Method guarantor assertion, if appropriate. You likewise approve Sun Sound Corporation to charge your Payment Method for whatever other charges you may acquire connected with your Sun Sound Corporation Online premium package.

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